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Dancing With A Stranger

Pauline Plummer’s collection of stories, Dancing With A Stranger is a rich exploration of what it is to belong: to place, or family, or children, or lovers, or to elsewhere. Her characters are bewildered and seduced by otherness. Like Sally in “The Sea-Coloured Gown”, they want to eat the world, to make it their own, and in these stories, rich with voices and all the complexities of lost and found families and accidental friendships, you catch the cadences and rhythms of so many lives in all their strange and so-familiar intimacies. the stories are funny, moving and humane, and at a time when voices are clamouring for hard and fast borders to this island, these stories show us how poor a measure of integrity borders are.

Fiona Shaw, novelist, author of among other things, the award winning A Stone’s Throw,Serpent’s Tail