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Bint is a new poetry collection form Pauline Plummer. Several of the poems here have won prizes – such as About Grief and Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Hat. Others have appeared in anthologies of prize-winning poems for competitions such as My Friend Barry for Leaf Books.

This richly diverse collection of poems shifts between the personal and the political, between celebrations of courage and expressions of loss, between continents and countries, between responses painting and to music, between loose experimentation and the sonnet. There is a sense of a life lived across decades of change from the terraces of Liverpool to the celebration of endangered species. A range of characters from different aspects of our world appear in these poems – a priest labouring for the poor in Middlesbrough, a young man in prison, a decorator dying too young, a refugee trying to make a life and an entrepreneur in New Europe. The title poem Bint is an attempt to reclaim this word form its usage as an insult and restore it to its original Arabic meaning – almost as a prayer for the safety of her own granddaughter.